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ENVIROFROST (Inhibited Propylene Glycol)



This high quality, heavy duty heat transfer fluid contains a specially designed package of corrosion inhibitors. It provides an operating temperature range of -46°C to 163°C, freeze protection to -51°C and burst protection to -73°C. Properties such as, high thermal conductivity, high boiling points, low toxicity, non-corrosivity, stability over a wide temperature range, and minimal to no fire hazard make it an optimal choice as a heat transfer fluid when mixed with water.

EnviroTherm (Inhibited Ethylene Glycol)



This high quality, heavy duty, coolant and heat transfer agent contains a specially designed package of corrosion inhibitors to protect copper brass, cast iron, solder, aluminium and other metals commonly used in industrial heating and cooling systems. In solution it provides protection below -54.9°C and burst protection to below -73°C. In addition to good freeze and corrosion protection, this product has a mild odour and low volatility.

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