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Lighten Up ( Reduce )

We limit the amount of water in all of our products. Doing so reduces the carbon footprint and the amount space it takes to ship products that otherwise  primarily consist of water.

EnviroWay's ULTRA LINE of cleaning products brings green cleaning to the next level.

Our most concentrated Ultra Line products can effectively be expanded from one 4 litre jug into as many as 1024 litres of high quality cleaning product. The versatility gets better when you consider that the dilution rates can be customized for more specific applications or more intense cleaning needs.

Why pay extra for water in your formula when you can get it from the tap?


KP1H Dilution Control System

This easy-to-use system automatically dilutes your product for you at the perfect concentration for high performance cleaning.

refill ( reuse )

Using a refill bottle with cleaning concentrate saves thousands of bottles from the landfill - precisely 2,970 1L bottles if you use our full Ultra Line one time. We can reduce plastic waste by up to 90% just by using highly concentrated cleaners.

Better for our water

Residual chemical waste from standard commercial cleaning supplies and their bottles in the landfill are often washed by the rain, draining into our rivers, lakes, creeks and water table, which eventually end up in the food chain from plants and from animals who drink and absorb this water.

MAde and packaged in Canada

By supporting business at home in Canada, we support our economy. We also further reduce shipping cost and energy usage by buying the products that don't have to travel as far as other places in the world.

How much is that, really?

Can you even imagine what 1024 bottles looks like? For a demonstration, let's see what that many bottles can look like on this screen...

... hold on a second, THERE'S MORE!

Whew! That's a lot!